Silverline Wooden Wire Brush & Scraper 6 Row

Grill Brushes
Heavy duty, steel brisles. Wooden handle with scraper. Overall length 290mm.

Silverline Mechanical Engineering Wire Brushes
Wooden Wire Brush & Scraper
6 Row

Plano Molding 9518 Heavy Duty Shelving with Vents

18", 5 Shelf, Ventilated, Interlocking Shelving Unit, 18.06"L x 38.88"W x 71.38"H, New Honeycomb Design, Interlocking Shelves Connect Multiple Units, Shelving Can Be Wall Mounted For Extra Stability & Strength, Built In Feet Keeps Shelving Off The Floor, Assembles Without Tools In 2 Minutes, Weight Bares 750 Pounds Per Whole Unit, 150 Pounds Per Shelf, Made In U.S.A.

Heavy duty shelving
Five ventilated shelves
Washable with warm
No tools needed
Easy to assemble