Oilatum Junior Emollient Bath Additive 250ml

Oilatum Junior emollient bath additive fragrance free, containing light liquid paraffin is a bath emollient for the treatment of dry and itchy skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis particularly when they affect large areas of your body. Disperses in water to enhance its emollient effect. It also cleanses the skin so soaps are not needed. Oilatum Emollient replaces oil and water and hydrates the keratin. Oilatum Junior Emollient is particularly suitable for infant bathing. The preparation also overcomes the problem of cleansing the skin in conditions where the use of soaps, soap substitutes and colloid or oatmeal baths proves irritating.

Crystal Republican Logo Earrings

Red, White and Blue Crystals with White Enamel Stars elephant earrings in the Republican logo colors. (Euro wire). Approx. 1/2"