Slik Mini-Pro III Tabletop Travel Tripod

Tripod Legs
When folded, the Slik MINI series tripods are about the size of a standard telephoto lens. They can be carried in your camera bag all the time so tripod support is always at hand! Besides traditional tripod use, the Slik MINI series tripods have another great feature: the ability to use the tripod as a "Chest-Pod" camera support! To use as a chest-pod, first loosen the locking collar around the center column, pull out (raise) the center column at least one inch and tighten. Then, with the legs spread, place the feet of the legs against your upper chest. Loosen the tripod head and position the camera so you can see through the viewfinder comfortably. This will better stabilize the camera and help avoid image-degrading "camera shake." The bottom of the center column has a suction cup, which can be used to mount Slik MINI series tripods on a clean smooth glass surfaces, including windows. Stick a MINI series tripod to a window for a higher angle picture or take photos in low light with a slow shutter speed. All Slik MINI series tripods have 2-section telescoping legs to make the tripod more stable and get the camera up just a little higher. Please Note: The suction cup will not hold up cameras weighing more than 10 ounces! Check your camera's specification to learn its weight. Be sure the surface is clean before trying to adhere a Slik MINI series tripod to any glass surfaces! Do not leave a Slik MINI series tripod stuck to any glass surface for more than 60 seconds, because the weight of the camera could cause it to fall. Same legs as the MINI PRO and MINI PRO-II Uses a newly designed Compact Ball Head Same head that is used on the SPRINT and SPRINT PRO tripods. Features a precision milled aluminum ball for smooth reliable camera movements. Can easily handle a camera up to 4.5 pounds in weight.

Head Type: Compact Ball Head
Max Height w/extended column: 8.46 in. / 245 mm
Max Height w/closed column: 6.71" / 200 mm
Minimum Height: 5.78 in. / 147 mm
Closed Length: 7.80 in. / 210 mm

Hummingbird & Honeysuckle Auto Coaster - Single Coaster for Your Car

This is a single, individually packaged, Auto Coaster for your Cars cup holder. This popular absorbent coaster designed especially for the auto or boat cupholder. Features bright vivid artwork and a patented Press-N-Pop-up design for easy removal for cleaning or replacement.

Absorbent stone coaster for a car cup holder
Sold Individually, ONE Car Coaster
Patented Press-N-Pop-up design
Stylish and Functional
Absorbs Drips & Spills