MARRIKAS 800TC Hungarian Goose Down Comforter Feather Bed CAL KING COMBO

Hypoallergenic Feather Beds
This beautiful 800TC Hungarian Goose Down Comforter in KING size 108x92. White Cabana Stripe. Plush, incredible 800TC down proof covering is 2 ply 100% cotton. 650 fill power assures quality comfort and warmth. Baffled box stitch construction prevents Hungarian white goose down from shifting. 14" compartments have baffled walls for maximum warmth and loft without cold spots. 1" gusseted sidewall with double stitching allows even loft all the way to the edge of the comforter. Hypo-allergenic. Fill weight approximately 60 glorious ounces of Hungarian white goose down. In addition, a wonderful CAL KING feather bed, 72x84 brand new in zippered vinyl storage bag from the manufacturer, goose down top feather bed. Construction is 4" sidewall and 1" attached goose down pillow top. The 4" plump body of the feather bed is filled with a a 95% feather 5% down combination. A baffle box stitch helps to keep filling where it is needed. A white cotton zip off washable cover is available for this bed in my other Amazon listings. Please visit my other Amazon listings for more wonderful bed and bath items.

800TC downproof covering is 2 ply 100% cotton
Baffled box stitch constuction
FeatherBed has 5" base filled with 18 pounds of small white goose feathers
1" attached pillow top filled with 21 ounces white goose down
Hypo Allergenic


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