Shoe Laces Flat Thick - 50 Inches Long - Khaki

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Shoe Laces - Thick (about 1/ 16 inch) ... Width (3/4") .... 50 Inches Long.

Feater Hair Extensions (Seven) 8"-12" Genuine Ginger with Beige Feathers for Hair Extension!7 Feathers

Hair Extensions
SEXY SPARKLES SELLS THIS ITEM. WE DONT DISTRIBUTE TO OTHER COMPANIES. 7 feathers bonded together at the tip to make one feather extension -The feathers are real so the sizes and lengths are all different. No two feathers are the same - Feathers will not look identical to those shown in photo - that is just a sample piece. All feathers vary in shape, size and slight color variations and your order will be unique. The feathers are 8"-12" -These are mixes of thin and thick feathers so they blend nicely in the hair. You can curl and straighten them on low heat -They are easy to apply to hair using a micro link hair crimp, threader and pliers (not included). -They will last 1-6 months. Once they grow out you can easily remove them and reapply back into your hair. Extensions are natural rooster feathers. -When you buy an extension you will receive one extension and two micro link crimp.

7 feathers Bonded together to make ONE feather hair extension.
Each Extension will Include two silicon micro beads.
The feathers are real so the sizes and lengths are all different.
Feathers can be Flat iron, washed and curled ; Extension can last for 1-6 months